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Relational distress is a given in all relationships, if anyone tells you differently then you should walk the other way. When two people come together in order to create union with each and make some type of commitment, it’s only natural that there will be difficulties along the way. Having challenges is actually normal and encouraged for the relationship to grow, however, it’s how you go about dealing with these trying times that makes the difference between moving forward or feeling disconnected. Couple counselling is one of the most efficient ways to help couples learn how to relate successfully.

Anil has been helping couples deal with their relational distress for many years using some of the most research based training available.

Over the last two years Anil has done extensive training in Existential-Humanistic Integrative Couple Therapy which blends some of the leading couple therapy philosophies including Gottman, Emotional Focused Therapy and Imago. Anil has further trained in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy level 1 and 2.

In 2019 Anil created a unique couples workshop called Connectfulness for Couples. A workshop for couples that are dealing with relational distress.

Of course, every relationship is unique as two individuals bring their entire histories with them into the relationship. However, when relational distress occurs sometimes a trained couple counseller can be the best way forward.

If you find that your relationship is not where you want it to be or your experiencing disconnection then you may benefit from couple counselling.

Some common concerns that couples present with:

  • Poor communication
  • There is a noticeable Lack of intimacy
  • You keep repeating the same negative patterns
  • You are unable to trust your partner
  • The children are being affected negatively by the relational distress
  • You or your partner are considering divorce

What happened to us?

Many couples who seek out relationship therapy are doing so because either something traumatic has happened or the relationship has become unbearable. This is a very critical period for the couple because the future seems uncertain and they need someone to guide them to some kind of neutral place.

The couple who at one point wanted nothing more than to be with each other, now find there is something wrong with the relationship.

Disconnection within relationships happen over a period of time, the ability to understand each other at a deeper level begins to dwindle and both partners ignore the signs of disconnection. In couple counselling all these aspects and much more are brought to the forefront and discussed by the couple in a safe and confidential environment.

Some things to expect from couple counselling

  • Reconnect on a deeper level
  • To be able to communicate in an empathic way
  • To be able to manage conflict in a way that aids the relationship
  • Discover how to recognise and break destructive patterns

Gottman Approved Member

I help individuals and couples deal with various types of emotional pain, ranging from couples dealing with relational distress to individuals going through depression, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety.

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“In insecure relationships, we disguise our vulnerability so our partner never really sees us”

– Sue Johnson

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