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How hypnotherapy can help you lose weight and more importantly, maintain the weight loss

So, you may have tried various die-ts, the cabbage diet, soup diet, meat diet and so on you know what I am talking about here. The weight loss industry is saturated to the point that people just don’t know what is the best route to take for their individual lifestyle.

We are all unique beings and require unique approaches, so why should a specific off the shelf weight loss program/diet/food plan work for you unless it is specifically tailored around your lifestyle.

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Your friend may say to you that they have tried a specific diet and they lost so many pounds and feel so good, you then go ahead and try it, and nothing! No weight loss, you feel defeated and it knocks your confidence. How is it that your friend lost some weight and you tried the same plan and it didn’t work? There could be many variables as to why it did not work for you and that’s the point, you are unique and require more than just taking generic drinking shakes and counting points.

Some of the few areas to consider when looking to lose weight! Of course, there are many other areas to consider but these are just a few that require attention.

  • Your diet, the types of food you eat and when you eat them.
  • Physical activity.
  • Your sleep or lack off.
  • Your motivation and willingness to make this work.

How hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) addresses these core elements

Hypnosis is a very powerful and effective tool that can be used to help individuals to deal with a variety of psychological, physical and behavioural issues and conditions.

Once a client arrives for weight loss using hypnosis we take a full history and establish the uniqueness of the client’s world. We talk about the areas of their life that needs adjusting and work together using CBT and Hypnosis to make the necessary changes.

For example, many people overeat or eat inappropriately and let’s not fool ourselves some of this is done unconsciously, without our full awareness of what we are doing. Hypnosis can assist with inappropriate eating habits including reducing the amount of food that is eaten, at the same time increasing the amount of physical activity needed to balance it out.

There is large amounts of scientific evidence pointing to the connection between disruptive sleep and weight gain, once more Hypnotherapy can help with this aspect of the plan.

Combining all these tools together its clear to see why using hypnotherapy and CBT is so effective in managing weight gain.

To further enhance the success of using hypnosis we use CBT to educate the client about their cognitive processes that maybe going on without their knowledge. Once these are brought to their full awareness they can start to make further changes.

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